Charge for removing of backlinks


How to avoid breaching of the terms and conditions of useā€¦

Perhaps the only, but the main condition of using the presented templates is to leave the backlink/s in a footer of every template.
However, if you wish to remove the links for some reason and not to breach the terms and conditions of use at the same time, you can pay a single charge for their removal.

The price for removal of our backlinks is only 15 USD or 12 EUR

15 USD

or 12 EUR

Important notes

  • The payment always applies to one type template
    (however, it is applicable to all colour variations of the given template).
  • Following the payment, you can remove also any sponsored links, which can be also found in a footer of some templates.
  • Please enter a contact e-mail and web site address, where you wish to use the template, in the payment note.

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